Veteran-Owned Small Business

Local and Federal governments want to do business with Veterans.  For those companies that want to pursue government contracts, it is smart to partner with a  certified Veteran or Service Disabled Veteran Business.   There are millions of dollars in contracts that are set aside just for these Veterans.

It takes a lot of patience to fulfill all of the requirements to be designated as a Certified Veteran Owned Business.  That is because when the program was first introduced, it was fraught with fraud.  So, those businesses that were legitimate now have more hoops to jump through.  But when you work with a Veteran, not only are you helping those that fought for your freedom and liberty, but you are also ensuring that these small business owners are given a more level playing field against the bigger players.

With a Veteran Partner, you reduce your competition.  Less competition can lead to more contracts.  So think about the 6000+ certified Veteran businesses that you might want to partner with.  Tullco. Inc. is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB).  Learn more about Veteran certification  #veterans

Chris Tully-Baugh

Daughter and Sister of Veterans

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