3D Printing

Will 3D printing affect your manufacturing processes?  If not today, probably in the near future.  Currently Ford Motor Company utilizes 3D printing for test parts.  The current cost is still more than traditional manufacturing, but that is quickly changing as printers and materials get cheaper and  printers get faster.

How can we embrace these changes so that we are not left behind?  Learning about new technologies and integrating them into your 12-24 month business plan will ensure you know that answer.  Make sure that it will improve your production, increase sales or reduce R & D costs, before you invest.  There are many resources out there for you to utilize. Look at local and state agencies, SBA and even your competition to determine if you need to make 3D changes.  Below are a couple of articles that discuss the future of 3D printing, you might enjoy.



Chris Tully-Baugh


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