Do You Have a Corrosion Problem?

So, as I read morning, it made me think; Why would someone want to add a caustic and costly process to their machining?  Then it hit me,  most people just look to fix the symptoms not the problem.  If you could machine steel, aluminum, or any specialty material and not incur a rust problem, wouldn’t you?

I may be biased towards our Premier Poly-Cut®, but we have been preventing this and many other machining problems for over 45 years.  Our customers have saved thousands of dollars by switching to our product.  The reason is  – It really does work!  If you are thinking about adding an acid bath to your process, give our machining fluid a try first.  Your machinist will thank you for it!  Contact Tullco to find out more. #AluminumFabrication, #CorrosionSolution

Chris Tully-Baugh


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