Conditions that affect output

So, I read the article above and it got me to thinking.  Sure air temperature and humidity can affect the final product, but I think that the most important things that affect the end product, are the raw materials (inputs) that are used.  Making sure you have the right metal or plastic is the most important choice.  Being sure to take into consideration how external influences can affect your material of choice.  Once you have chosen your material, the second most important choice is your machining fluid.  You need to make sure it is the right one for your material choice.  Most other manufacturers of machining fluids has one for specialty metals, one for aluminum, one for steel, one for cast iron, one for plastics, etc…  But when my father started Tullco, Inc. over 45 years ago, his vision was to simplify machining fluid and yet make it the best product for any material chosen.  Our Premier Poly-Cut does just that with our exclusive EP Polymer.

In my experience once a shop finds a machining fluid that they like, they don’t want to try anything else.  That kind of thinking, can put you at a disadvantage.  If I could show you how changing your machining fluid would allow you to machine faster with a better finish on any material, would you try it?  If your competitors were switching to gain the advantage would you try it?  The truth is , if you don’t keep up with technological changes, you will lose customers.  If you are stuck in your old ways, you will lose customers.  But, if you were to think of your raw inputs as investments instead of just a cost of doing business, you will find that your end results will far surpass your expectations.

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Chris Tully-Baugh

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