Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic


The coronavirus situation is like nothing we have ever seen before.  Please know that Tullco, Inc. is doing everything we can to support our customers, distributors, suppliers, vendors, employees, and families. You may be wondering if you can still get our product.  The answer is, YES you can!  We have many distributors throughout the USA (39 states) and we are still manufacturing, so that you can continue to stay in business.

We have taken the following measures:

We have taken appropriate measures to ensure that the risk of infection is minimized. We are working from home when possible and our production employees are following social distancing and extra sanitizing.

Our plant in Greenville SC, USA is working to ensure production and delivery of our products, so that our customers can continue to produce as well. We also increased our raw material stocks and have alternative suppliers in case certain suppliers stop production. We have many local distributors around the USA that there is sufficient stock to get us through this trying time. However, we do recommend that you keep enough stock at your facility.

These are challenging times and I know that with everyone’s cooperation, we will get through this better and stronger. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with your usual distributor or you can reach out to us directly at


Christina Tully-Baugh

President, Tullco, Inc.

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