About Tullco, Inc.

For over forty-five years, Tullco, Inc., has been a family owned, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business solving many machining and fabricating problems.  We manufacture water-soluble, polymer-based machining fluids.  We have developed our exceptional products: Premier Poly-Cut™, Poly-Cut™, Poly-Form™ and Poly-Cut™ Defoamer.  These products have enabled Tullco, Inc., to solve many common problems related to the machining industry.  

Our unique “EP Polymer” is what makes Premier Poly-Cut™ capable of being used in virtually every application within the machining industry.

In addition to metals, our products can be used to machine plastics, acrylic, ceramics, rubber, and carbide. 

Why Tullco, Inc?  Our products…

  • Virtually eliminates multiple lubricants/coolants.
  • Eliminates chip build-up on cutters.
  • Easily removed with soap and water.
  • Increases production through faster feeds and speeds.
  • Will not fog with spray mist application.
  • Contains no sulfur or chlorinated compounds.
  • Contains no ingredients now known to be hazardous as defined by OSHA and the EPA.
  • Superior finish.
  • Clean and safe.
  • Does not smoke.
  • Improves heat dissipation.
  • Extends tool life.
  • Extends sump life.
  • Prevents oxidation and will not corrode or stain.

We have distributors in 29 states with over 70 locations.  If your company is interested in distributing our products, there are still areas available.  To find out more information, please Contact Us through our contact link or call toll-free at (800) 673-6498.

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NAICS Codes:  324191, 325998, 325180
PSC Codes:  9150, 6150, 6180