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  1. Use skimmers with timers to keep tramp oil out of sumps. Skimmers do not work when the fluid is mixing and moving. The tramp oil must rise to the top.
  2. Use a cutting coolant tester such as the recommended digital refractometer or a  traditional refractometer once a week to check the mix ratio. “Water” standing over a hot weekend can get very musty, so you want to make sure your coolant is in good shape before machining.
  3. Do not store your machining fluid outside or in direct sunlight, it will break down the bacteriacide and cause bacteria to grow and make your product not work properly.
  4. Clean your sumps at least twice a year. What we mean by this is, You do not have to run a chemical cleaner through your machine, prior to the clean-out process of our fluid.  Remove Premier Poly-Cut™ from sump and retain in holding drum, bucket or any clean container. Clean out bottom of sump and return the Premier Poly-Cut™ to sump. Add water and Premier Poly-Cut™ to fill sump. then replace the used fluid, add water and additional coolant to bring your levels back to normal (as measured with your refractometer).
  5. Do not use tapping products or lubricating oils that contain sulfur. Sulfur can cause odor problems and skin irritation problems. It can also cause staining on some metals, as we clean your machine and our product removes contaminates.  If you decide you need to use a way lube, we recommend making sure there is no sulfur in it.  Shell Way Lubes and Chevron Way Lubes. They have shown to be the least contaminating.
  6. Our product does best in soft water.  Unless you have very hard water, you will not need to add a water-softener to your water.

CAUTION: Remember Premier Poly-Cut™  is a soap-based lubricant and is self-cleaning. When changing a sump over to our product for the first time, any packed-in chips and residue left in the machine will eventually break loose. This will cause Premier Poly-Cut™ to turn gray or black – depending on the amount of contamination – and may cause a sulfur smell (rotten eggs). This will subside over a short amount of time.  This is normal, just remove the dirty fluid and replace.  Once your machine is “clean”, that will no longer be an issue.