We will let you try our product at no risk. Contact your local distributor or contact us direct.  We guarantee that if you try our Premier Poly-Cut and you do not like it for any reason, you do not have to pay for it.  But if you like how it saves you time & money, improves the life of your machines & blades; then you agree to buy it from your local distributor.  #riskfreetrial

Christina Tully-Baugh

Premier PC 5 gal pail.jpg

2 thoughts on “RISK FREE TRIAL

  1. I have tried contacting several distributors for pricing and availability of a 55 gal drum to be shipped to sweetwater TX but still have no responses. and if we can actually try this risk free I would like the opportunity seeing that our company has changed coolants several times in past 6 years and we need a fluid that will work well with a radiation detecting organic scintillator plastic. johnmflores39@gmail.com


    • I appologize, but I was just notified of this response. Our risk free trial is for a 5 gal pail; which is a concentrate and should be enough for testing in 1 CNC machine. I am not sure which of our distributors you contacted, but M3 is in Dallas can get you a pail to try. If you love it you buy it! If you don’t, then you will owe nothing and we will credit our distributor for the cost of the 5 gallon pail.


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