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Tullco, Inc.’s, Premier Poly-CutTM Machining Fluid Introduces an Improved High Pressure Formulation

Greenville, SC  November 2, 2017

TULLCO, INC. a privately held US manufacturer of machining fluids located in Greenville, SC, serving the plastics processing and metalworking industries, announces that Tullco, Inc. brand, releases an improved formulation of their PREMIER POLY-CUTTM, POLY-CUTTM, POLY-FORMTM, MACHINING FLUIDs and POLY-CUTTM DEFOAMER .

Jim Tully, CEO, of Tullco, Inc. states, “We have always worked well with high pressure systems, but with improved machining technology, foaming can sometimes still be a problem.  Our new formulation does not change our core formula; what it does is reduce the foam produced by high pressure spray nozzles by more than half. Our products can still be used safely on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, ceramics, and glass.”

Tullco, Inc.’s product line focuses on being the only industrial machining fluid your shop needs.  With the improved defoaming formulation they will still offer four exceptional products:

PREMIER POLY-CUTTM MACHINING FLUID:  Premier Poly-Cut™ has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are built-in to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus that may affect this product.  Together, they insure the longest sump life possible (six months or longer in most cases.)  Premier Poly-Cut™ works remarkably well in machining steel, aluminum, copper alloys, zinc, tool steel, Inconel ® and other nickel and chrome base alloys.  It dissipates heat better than any other product on the market and, with the polymer additives, will eliminate welding or chip build-up on your inserts and end-mills giving an exceptional finish.  When machining aluminum, Premier Poly-Cut™ will provide a superior finish much like kerosene and oil but without the hazards.  Our products are also highly recommended for grinding carbide and gummy tool steels using a vitrified bonded wheel, without loading.  Premier Poly-Cut™ will not stain or corrode ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, plastics, ceramics, rubber or titanium.  This product is clean to work with and will not smoke, stain skin or clothing or cause dermatitis.

POLY-CUTTM MACHINING FLUID:  Poly-Cut™ is recommended to be used in band saws or other similar flood-type sawing where the coolant/lubricant is not completely being recaptured.  It works just like Premier Poly-CutTM, but with less antibacterial and anti-fungal additives.

POLY-FORMTM MACHINING FLUID:  Poly-Form™ is a water-soluble polymer lubricant for CNC turret and high-speed stamping.  Our product has better viscosity than water-soluble oil and cools better than straight drawing oil so it works very well for blanking and forming operations.  Poly-Form™ is an excellent lubricant for soft nonferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper and brass, and will protect your nonferrous metals from oxidation, including galvanized and tin-plate.  This product is also clean to work with and will not smoke, stain skin or clothing or cause dermatitis.

POLY-CUT DEFOAMERTM:  is a non-silicone defoamer, which can be added to Tullco, Inc.’s machining fluids to control excessive foam.

About Tullco, Inc.

For over forty-five years, Tullco, Inc., has been a family owned, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business solving many machining and fabricating problems.  They manufacture water-soluble, polymer-based machining fluids.  They have exclusively developed their exceptional products: Premier Poly-Cut™, Poly-Cut™, Poly-Form™ and Poly-Cut™ Defoamer.  These products have enabled Tullco, Inc., to solve many common problems related to the machining & stamping industry.  Their unique “EP Polymer” is what makes Premier Poly-Cut™ capable of being used in virtually every application within the machining industry.  Tullco, Inc. currently has over 70 distribution locations in 29 states.


Tullco, Inc.
Chris Tully-Baugh, EVP





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What Makes Premier Poly-Cut™ the BEST Machining Fluid on the Market?

We Use a Plant Based Oil, (so our product will not smoke). Our product contains no ingredient now known to be hazardous as defined by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1000 (subpart Z), and OSHA 29 CFR 1900.1200.  We are Non-Carcinogenic: Premier Poly-CutTM contains no known or suspected carcinogens.

We Dissipate Heat Better, no one else has our EP Polymer, (so we keep your bits, blades and parts cooler so they last longer). It is capable of being used in virtually every application within the machining industry.

No Weekly four step testing needed!!! Saves you time and money!!! Only one test is needed!

  • Refractometer is the only tool needed.
  • We use a Bactericide in our cutting fluid so no PH test is needed and our product does not cause dermatitis. We believe No Bacteria is Good Bacteria for your coolant.
  • Our product is almost neutral (close to water) we tint it blue so the machinist can see if the product needs replenished. This dye will not stain plastic, metal, products, clothes, or skin so it is just simply there to help the machinist.


  • Our product actually cleans your machine while it works. You do not have to remove our product to clean your machine if you “recapture” and filter your cutting fluid. * Although if you allow material to settle to the bottom of your collection tank, we recommend you implement a clean-out process at least bi-annually.
  • You do not have to run a chemical cleaner through your machine, prior to the clean-out process of our fluid. We recommend you remove our product from the top of your collection tank and place it in a clean container, as it will be put back into your machine.  Then clean out the machine of any particulates and sludge and the remaining fluid and properly dispose per local, state and federal regulations.  You can then replace the used fluid, add water and additional coolant to bring your levels back to normal (as measured with your refractometer).  So one less step and not only does this save you time and money it is safer for your machinist and their skin, as well as making your machine last longer!!!
  • We are soap based, thus it cleans over time. If you notice that your Premier Poly-CutTM looks dirty.  That is because it has cleaned out areas of your machine that your prior fluid had built up and left behind.  This is normal, just remove the dirty fluid and replace.  Once your machine is “clean”, that will no longer be an issue.

Our product is used at a lower concentration than most of our competitors (so this allows our product to last longer than traditional cutting fluids).

We are Veteran owned and have been Manufacturing Machining fluids in AMERICA for over 45 years, so your dollars stay in America!!!

We allow you to try our product Risk Free, we simply ask you clean your machine first in your traditional way, to ensure none of our product gets mixed in with what you’re currently using. Once you use our product, you will love it, and then we simply ask you to pay for the Risk Free, 5 gallon pail you used. In the unlikely event you do not like the product once you have tried it, you’re out NOTHING! We will just shake hands and still be friend.  It is that simple!  #MFGDay2017, #SDVOB, #CNC #MadeInAmerica, #Tullco

Thanks for the inspiration and collaboration – Shirley Eck, Eck Enterprises a Distributor for Tullco, Inc.

Christina Tully-Baugh


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Distributor Spotlight – Curtis Industrial Supply Inc.

Seattle Industrial Supply was started in 1977 as a wholesale textile mill supplier in Lynnwood, WA.  They are now known as Curtis Industrial Supply, Inc., located in Lake Stevens, WA.  They have expanded to carry many products including Tullco’s Premier Poly-Cut™.

They are continuously expanding and diversifying their product lines keeping pace with the needs and growth of their customers. In addition, they provide a service that promotes loyalty among their customers. With over 25 years experience in the industrial supply field they strive to satisfy their customers by committing to the establishment of long lasting relationships.

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We will let you try our product at no risk. Contact your local distributor or contact us direct.  We guarantee that if you try our Premier Poly-Cut and you do not like it for any reason, you do not have to pay for it.  But if you like how it saves you time & money, improves the life of your machines & blades; then you agree to buy it from your local distributor.  #riskfreetrial

Christina Tully-Baugh

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Distributor Spotlight – AME, Inc.

AME, Inc. is a Colorado corporation, founded in 2005 by experienced industry sales and application personnel with over 100 years of combined service. A Colorado native, Dennis J. Leonard is the president, with 35 years of industry experience,.

AME, Inc. delivers complete application and service support and their sales staff is CMTSE qualified. We focus on the product and the production needs of their customers. Manufacturing engineering is in their name.

They sell and provide complete support for manufacturing software, metal cutting machines and metal forming machinery. This equipment builds the durable products that increase society’s standard and quality of living.

They are a Denver based firm serving Colorado, Utah, Southern Idaho, Wyoming and New Mexico.

AME, Inc. supplies equipment to produce a great variety of customer products in energy, aerospace, composites, pumps, compressors, canmaking, power generation, tool and die, mold making, plastics, die casting, electronics, maintenance, medical and general machining and fabrication.

They strive for continuous improvement and provide budget quotations time studies and TURN-KEY solutions.

Partnering with their customers with training and products allow them to meet their Core Values of:

& Technology

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Distributor Spotlight

glockner logo

Glockner Oil Company has been a distributor for Tullco, Inc products for many years. They established themselves in 1968.  Glockner Oil continues to grow; they have expanded to two locations, Cincinnati and Columbus, covering 11 states.

  • Over 40 years of service
  • 500,000 gallon on-site bulk lube storage
  • Complete line of lube & fuel equipment
  • In-house equipment repair & installation
  • Lube surveys available
  • Full line of Commercial, Industrial, Fleet & Heavy-Duty Off-Highway lubricants
  • We specialize in fuel for all fleets
  • Premium diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, E85 and gasoline available
  • Account Managers follow up with you personally, to ensure you receive the quick personalized service you deserve
  • Full service lubricant distributor
  • Used oil, antifreeze & filters removal, oily water pickup, parts washer sales & service, solvent recycling and lifetime manifest retention – EPA approved
  • They realize in your industry the need for fast and responsive delivery. At Glockner Oil strives to do what is convenient for their customers. They do not believe in set schedules. If your schedule changes due to an emergency so does theirs.

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Machining Tips: How to Select the Right Coolant for Machining Plastics


Coolants are not generally required for most machining operations involving engineering thermoplastics. The two most common exceptions are drilling and part-off operations. Both involve more tool-part friction than milling and turning operations. Some highly filled, high performance materials, which are very hard by their nature benefit from the use of coolants, but most general purpose materials such as UHMW, nylon, acetal and PTFE (Teflon) can be machined dry, making part clean-up and handling easier. Examples of high performance materials that almost always require the use of coolants are Torlon PAI and Celazole PBI.

The low friction and lower hardness of plastics (compared with metals) reduces the frictional heat build-up at the tool tip during machining operations. However plastics being thermal insulators cause the generated heat to be held at the cutting interface. The amount of heat being generated depends on the depth of cut, feed rate and tooling geometry (neutral to slightly positive geometries are always suggested.) Deep holes and cuts involving tool-to-part rubbing generate frictional heat that generally has to be minimized through the use of coolants. The reduction of frictional heat via the use of coolants improves the surface finish of machined parts as well as part tolerances and leads to longer tool life, thus saving money.

The coolants acceptable for plastics include air, misting systems and flood coolants. Experimentation as to which is more appropriate for a give part is often recommended. Pressurized air can be used on most turning and boring operations. In addition to using the pressurized air to keep frictional heat down, the air can be used to direct the swarf away from the rotating part to avoid chip wrap.

Misting and flood coolants should always be non-aromatic and water-soluble solutions as many amorphous materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, Noryl PPO, polysulfone and Ultem PEI are prone to stress cracking, a form of chemical attack from incompatible coolants. Two flood coolants suitable for most plastics are Trim 9106CS (Master Chemical Corp.-Perrysburg, OH) and Poly-Cut® (Tullco– Savannah, GA)* A mist coolant generally suitable for plastics is Astro-Mist 2001A (Monroe Fluid Technology-Hilton, NY.)

Petroleum based fluids can be used for many semi-crystalline plastics such as nylon, acetal, polyesters, PTFE and most thermosets. Avoidance of this type of coolant is generally a good practice if any amorphous materials are being machined as it can be difficult to determine compatibility until it is too late.

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*Tullco, Inc. manufacturer of Premier Poly-Cut relcated to Greenville, SC in 2005.  Our Premier Poly-Cut® can be used on specialty metals, aluminum, steel, ceramic, rubber, glass and plastics.  It works very well in spray mist and flood systems.