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Tullco, Inc.’s, Premier Poly-CutTM Machining Fluid Introduces an Improved High Pressure Formulation

Greenville, SC  November 2, 2017

TULLCO, INC. a privately held US manufacturer of machining fluids located in Greenville, SC, serving the plastics processing and metalworking industries, announces that Tullco, Inc. brand, releases an improved formulation of their PREMIER POLY-CUTTM, POLY-CUTTM, POLY-FORMTM, MACHINING FLUIDs and POLY-CUTTM DEFOAMER .

Jim Tully, CEO, of Tullco, Inc. states, “We have always worked well with high pressure systems, but with improved machining technology, foaming can sometimes still be a problem.  Our new formulation does not change our core formula; what it does is reduce the foam produced by high pressure spray nozzles by more than half. Our products can still be used safely on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, ceramics, and glass.”

Tullco, Inc.’s product line focuses on being the only industrial machining fluid your shop needs.  With the improved defoaming formulation they will still offer four exceptional products:

PREMIER POLY-CUTTM MACHINING FLUID:  Premier Poly-Cut™ has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are built-in to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus that may affect this product.  Together, they insure the longest sump life possible (six months or longer in most cases.)  Premier Poly-Cut™ works remarkably well in machining steel, aluminum, copper alloys, zinc, tool steel, Inconel ® and other nickel and chrome base alloys.  It dissipates heat better than any other product on the market and, with the polymer additives, will eliminate welding or chip build-up on your inserts and end-mills giving an exceptional finish.  When machining aluminum, Premier Poly-Cut™ will provide a superior finish much like kerosene and oil but without the hazards.  Our products are also highly recommended for grinding carbide and gummy tool steels using a vitrified bonded wheel, without loading.  Premier Poly-Cut™ will not stain or corrode ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, plastics, ceramics, rubber or titanium.  This product is clean to work with and will not smoke, stain skin or clothing or cause dermatitis.

POLY-CUTTM MACHINING FLUID:  Poly-Cut™ is recommended to be used in band saws or other similar flood-type sawing where the coolant/lubricant is not completely being recaptured.  It works just like Premier Poly-CutTM, but with less antibacterial and anti-fungal additives.

POLY-FORMTM MACHINING FLUID:  Poly-Form™ is a water-soluble polymer lubricant for CNC turret and high-speed stamping.  Our product has better viscosity than water-soluble oil and cools better than straight drawing oil so it works very well for blanking and forming operations.  Poly-Form™ is an excellent lubricant for soft nonferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper and brass, and will protect your nonferrous metals from oxidation, including galvanized and tin-plate.  This product is also clean to work with and will not smoke, stain skin or clothing or cause dermatitis.

POLY-CUT DEFOAMERTM:  is a non-silicone defoamer, which can be added to Tullco, Inc.’s machining fluids to control excessive foam.

About Tullco, Inc.

For over forty-five years, Tullco, Inc., has been a family owned, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business solving many machining and fabricating problems.  They manufacture water-soluble, polymer-based machining fluids.  They have exclusively developed their exceptional products: Premier Poly-Cut™, Poly-Cut™, Poly-Form™ and Poly-Cut™ Defoamer.  These products have enabled Tullco, Inc., to solve many common problems related to the machining & stamping industry.  Their unique “EP Polymer” is what makes Premier Poly-Cut™ capable of being used in virtually every application within the machining industry.  Tullco, Inc. currently has over 70 distribution locations in 29 states.


Tullco, Inc.
Chris Tully-Baugh, EVP





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