What Makes Premier Poly-Cut™ the BEST Machining Fluid on the Market?

We Use a Plant Based Oil, (so our product will not smoke). Our product contains no ingredient now known to be hazardous as defined by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1000 (subpart Z), and OSHA 29 CFR 1900.1200.  We are Non-Carcinogenic: Premier Poly-CutTM contains no known or suspected carcinogens.

We Dissipate Heat Better, no one else has our EP Polymer, (so we keep your bits, blades and parts cooler so they last longer). It is capable of being used in virtually every application within the machining industry.

No Weekly four step testing needed!!! Saves you time and money!!! Only one test is needed!

  • Refractometer is the only tool needed.
  • We use a Bactericide in our cutting fluid so no PH test is needed and our product does not cause dermatitis. We believe No Bacteria is Good Bacteria for your coolant.
  • Our product is almost neutral (close to water) we tint it blue so the machinist can see if the product needs replenished. This dye will not stain plastic, metal, products, clothes, or skin so it is just simply there to help the machinist.


  • Our product actually cleans your machine while it works. You do not have to remove our product to clean your machine if you “recapture” and filter your cutting fluid. * Although if you allow material to settle to the bottom of your collection tank, we recommend you implement a clean-out process at least bi-annually.
  • You do not have to run a chemical cleaner through your machine, prior to the clean-out process of our fluid. We recommend you remove our product from the top of your collection tank and place it in a clean container, as it will be put back into your machine.  Then clean out the machine of any particulates and sludge and the remaining fluid and properly dispose per local, state and federal regulations.  You can then replace the used fluid, add water and additional coolant to bring your levels back to normal (as measured with your refractometer).  So one less step and not only does this save you time and money it is safer for your machinist and their skin, as well as making your machine last longer!!!
  • We are soap based, thus it cleans over time. If you notice that your Premier Poly-CutTM looks dirty.  That is because it has cleaned out areas of your machine that your prior fluid had built up and left behind.  This is normal, just remove the dirty fluid and replace.  Once your machine is “clean”, that will no longer be an issue.

Our product is used at a lower concentration than most of our competitors (so this allows our product to last longer than traditional cutting fluids).

We are Veteran owned and have been Manufacturing Machining fluids in AMERICA for over 45 years, so your dollars stay in America!!!

We allow you to try our product Risk Free, we simply ask you clean your machine first in your traditional way, to ensure none of our product gets mixed in with what you’re currently using. Once you use our product, you will love it, and then we simply ask you to pay for the Risk Free, 5 gallon pail you used. In the unlikely event you do not like the product once you have tried it, you’re out NOTHING! We will just shake hands and still be friend.  It is that simple!  #MFGDay2017, #SDVOB, #CNC #MadeInAmerica, #Tullco

Thanks for the inspiration and collaboration – Shirley Eck, Eck Enterprises a Distributor for Tullco, Inc.

Christina Tully-Baugh


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